Down to hang? But first, read on and fill out this form as much as you can. 


I trust you with showing photos of my face. I trust that you are also worthy of trust. Please give me a link to your Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter or other social media accounts for verification.

No Short Notice Appointments, Please!

I'm up for work-life balance. I know you are too.

Can you schedule at least two days before we meet? That'd be sweet! A schedule made more than two days before our d-day is even better!

Need to Cancel?

I know, I know... Sometimes, ''stuff'' comes up and you really have to cancel. If you really have to, please do it from a few days to a few hours before we meet. 


Unfortunately....or fortunately, I have a day job! This why I'm only available on Monday to Friday. And I think you already know this, but if you haven't, Manila has the worst traffic in the world, if not in the universe. I'm on the dot as long as the distance is reasonable.

I'm free on weekdays at:

  • 7pm onwards if you're in Ortigas, Pasig, Mandaluyong and San Juan
  • 8pm onwards if you're in Makati, BGC, Manila & Quezon City 
  • 9pm onwards if you're in Alabang

Wanna have it easy like Sunday morning? 

If you ask nicely or if I'm slow as a sloth to move and make plans, sometimes I'm also down to hang on a Sunday. This is specially for those savvy travellers who don't want to fly in MNL on a Monday. 

Wanna travel with me?At a guesstimate, I've been to 60+ provinces out of 81 of the PH. I'd love to be your own private tour guide in the weekends for 2D1N ;)

For travel plans that require flying, I prefer taking the last Friday flight flight and the last Sunday or first Monday flight back to MNL. Please consider my daily domestic getaway rate + transpo + accommodation and availability when making plans with me.